Cheap Laptops Under $100

Now you might be thinking, do laptops under $100 exist? Well, yes they do! A lot of them are refurbished and with specifications that can’t even think of going up against current laptops. Some of them are brand new netbook-class laptops that have the barebones configuration to start up and run Microsoft Office.

These laptops have a negligible market nowadays, but a small market is a market nonetheless. So, we’ve taken up the task to do some research and figure out which laptop is worth buying in this price range.

Please note that these laptops are in no way meant for gaming or content creation. Most of the laptops mentioned on this list will have specifications from a decade ago. Almost all of them will be running on the Windows XP operating system, or even older. The memory will be based on the DDR3 or even the DDR2 architecture.

They will be thick and clunky, which will probably discourage you from lugging it around. If you’re looking for a laptop from this category, we wouldn’t recommend you to run anything except browsers or light document editing work.

So, without further ado, these are the best laptops (that we found) with a price tag of around $100

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