The Schumacher Mi3: The Fastest Remote-Controlled Car In The World

Remote-controlled cars – R/Cs for short – are one of those toys that never get old for us car-loving wackos. For a man like Nic Case – not to be confused for Nic Cage – R/C cars are more than just toys; they’re a calling.

The man’s obsession with these cars is no more evident than in his continued attempt to build the fastest and most powerful car in the world. A few years ago, Case and his very own Schumacher Mi3 set the world record for being the fastest remote-controlled car on the planet, doing so after posting a staggering top speed of 161.76 mph.

The Schumacher Mi3, a rocket-looking, streamlined bullet, took Case six months to build where he spent over $4,000 to pay for all the components. After all the work put in, the record-holding R/C car was outfitted with a handcrafted carbon-fiber chassis while being powered by an 11-horsepower motor and a 12-cell battery pack.

As a man that never seems to be satisfied, Nic Case has his eyes set on building an R/C car that could hit 200 mph and is in the middle of the building and developing his latest project, called the “Streamliner”. If and when the “Streamliner” is built, we’re pretty confident that this existing record will completely fall by the wayside. For now, though, the Schumacher Mi3 sits as the fastest R/C car in the world.

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