My Experience with the Microsoft Zune

In November of 2006, I received an electric shock through the earbuds of my Microsoft Zune. Simultaneously, the Zune emitted a very loud noise through the earbuds and the device began to reset.

Since the incident, I’ve suffered blood and fluid leakage from my ear canal, a temporary threshold shift, and incessant ringing and discomfort.

I’ve been treated with vitamins, steroids, pain killers, sleep aids, anti-depressants, and other medications. All, to no avail.

Microsoft’s Response

I notified Microsoft of the problem and promptly received a phone call from Jaret Rettell of Microsoft Zune Escalations. Jaret stated that he was reviewing “a number of similar complaints.” He asked me to return the device for replacement and authorize the release of my medical records to Microsoft. Please, would you?

After eleven months of unsuccessful medical treatment, I filed a personal injury/product liability lawsuit against Microsoft.

In initial disclosures, Microsoft denied receiving the “similar complaints” Jaret Rettell previously admitted to. Further, efforts to solicit responses in the Zune forums were thwarted by a “cease & desist” letter. My posts were deleted and membership revoked.

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