The Mac Media Center Project

This project plans to develop a free Media Center application for the Apple Macintosh, bringing together the power and intuitiveness of the Macs’ built-in applications under a simple interface, for use as part of a Home Theatre system.

We also have information on 5.1 audio, remote control and video output solutions for the Mac.

The Project aim is to turn the Mac mini into a Mac Media Center.

Voting Options are:
Mac Media Center, Mediator, ScreenPlay, Showtime, CenterStage, Canape, Theatre, Encore, myLife, iPlay, PlayTime, iLounge, Showcase, iCore, iRelax

If no clear winner is shown in this poll we will take the voting to a second round with the top five names from this initial vote, also please do not worry about domain name availability, there are ways around this, the Site Staff will arrange a suitable domain name which includes the chosen application name.

We are in the final planning stages now, the application name, logo and GUI designs will all be polled by the end of this week hopefully – so if you have any last minutes suggestions visit the forum now!

The application development volunteers are now being assigned jobs so that we can begin programming, below is the status of the development team so far:

Back-end Core Development Supervisor

Photo / DVD Functionality Supervisor

Confirmed Developers
B0nk, conny, Revo, Syco, ventje853

Un-Confirmed Developers – Please Contact aduchate by Email Urgently
BlackMac, petercayton, gekko513, nucleus, jtrainer, alejmrm, taurus, caf, bshort, Queue, davidjrice, gator, seamus_waldron, zmit, jivemonkey and anyone that has been missed.

We have a lot of suggestions for the application name for MMC, site staff are planning to select the best later today and put them into a poll so everyone can vote.

Any last suggestions should be submitted very soon, can I recommend using an online thesaurus for help with names.

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