Best LAN Party Games

The Local Area Network is a God, not just because it was the primary platform for wifi, but it also lets us play LAN games with others from other demographics. 2D LAN games are a hotspot for millennials, due to their rich online presence and virtual experiences. The local network adds players from multiple backgrounds, but similar taste in gaming in one platform and lets them go on adventures to quench their dark sides. Be it playing against each other or against a team, a good LAN party is always a better way to spend a bros night together.

Here, we put a list of five best LAN games that remain the most favorite to gamers, even till today:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Published by Microsoft for Xbox, Halo is a sci-fi shooter from the future 2025. The UNSC’s war with the aliens is the theme of the game, where the players get to command an arena-based multiplayer opponent, with limited inventory systems. The players are equipped with shields and play with analog sticks to move and aim. With 13 maps, the game comes with more than 15 human and covenant weapons.

Rocket league

Rocket League is a racing LAN game that is available on all platforms. The players are given control of a rocket powered car to battle against an enemy team. The players can pick their teammates and destroy the enemy’s vehicle by protecting their own. This game develops the local connect of the players, and gives them a competitive feel, and adds its own spice to the game. Nothing better than a racing car game, anyways, right?

Death Squared

This puzzle game can be played with a team of two or four friends, where they get to control cube robots that try to make it to different spots on each map. This is the kind of game that requires the ultimate cooperation, as with each move, the level shifts in the game of the player. The puzzle can be solved onyl if you have experience, the thinking and the cooperation between your friends.


Civilization is a turn based strategy game, that is based on capturing and building empires. In the game, the players are given different empires and are required to navigate their way through the centuries and become a global superpower. This game is a test to tactical intelligence and strategic brains, as your opponents are of the same level as you, and the same expert as you. Building a dynasty in the game comes with the pride and wittiness in the game, that makes you the ultimate champion.

Team Fortress 2

This is a first person shooter game that comes in both windows and Mac. The players are in charge of one of the nine character classes and battle the enemy with it. The game modes are action filled, with great graphic displays. The players can use their weapons, guns and abilities and challenge their opponents or friends. The first one to kill the opponent wins the game. Despite the long time of release, this has still been the most favorite LAN game to most of the players even today.

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