Atrato Announces High Performance, High-Density Storage System with Integrated Data Acceleration

Atrato, Inc., a leading provider of high-volume on-demand storage for the high performance computing (HPC), digital entertainment and web sectors, today announced the company’s first product, the Atrato Velocity1000 (V1000) storage system. The V1000 delivers advancements in storage to assist data centers and IT departments who are struggling to keep up with spiraling data growth and ever more performance demanding applications. Atrato’s system conquers I/O bottlenecks between storage and servers, opening the door to new
applications and revenue opportunities via a platform that delivers optimal performance in a cost-effective space and power efficient package.

One of the most pressing issues challenging IT environments is not the amount of available storage, but rather the speed at which the stored data can be accessed. Atrato’s V1000 is a high-density storage system that combines hundreds of identical disks and integrates advanced data acceleration features to deliver more than 11,000 IOPS in random read/writes and 51.2 Terabytes of storage in a 3U space. “For today’s demanding applications, typical storage systems often fall short” said Russ Fellows, Senior Analyst with Evaluator Group. “IT managers often have to choose between reliability, performance, power consumption and cost. With Atrato’s new Velocity1000, they get performance that outpaces much larger systems, all in a self healing, dense form factor that costs far less to own and operate. This truly is storage for the Web 2.0 world.”

“Our mission is to significantly and continuously improve performance of any application where storage I/O bottlenecks impede overall system performance, security or scalability,” said Dan McCormick, co-founder and CEO, Atrato Inc. “IT managers assume that by adding rack units, they will get the increased IOPS needed. The reality is that over allocating
not only fails to deliver the expected performance gains but also adds costly power and space intensive overhead to the data center.”

Atrato’s V1000 has several key differentiators that make it ideal for HPC, digital entertainment and web applications. Central to the system is its Self-maintaining Array of Identical Disks (SAID) which provides a hardened and secure form factor while simultaneously achieving reliable operation at low cost and low power dissipation. The 3U SAID delivers from 25.6 to 51.2 Terabytes of storage capacity.

Performance Density

The V1000 changes the economics of high-speed, high-volume I/O processing with the ability to handle over 11,000 IOPS and 3,000 standard definition simultaneous data streams. In addition, it offers ten times the performance of competitive solutions and scales in a linear fashion as each new array is added. As a result, businesses can access data quicker
to make more intelligent decisions, and deploy and support applications that rely on fast access to large data and rich media files.

Total Cost of Ownership

The design of Atrato’s system offers several cost advantages. Possessing a smaller footprint than the traditional industry standards, the Atrato system saves more than fifty percent of regular operating costs and uses eighty percent less power than current solutions. As companies look to manage their storage growth or implement a greener data center, Atrato’s technology provides unprecedented savings in dollars per watt and dollars per IOPS, and allows users to scale using their existing infrastructure.

Zero Maintenance

With data-on-demand moving to the forefront of enterprise requirements, availability becomes paramount to system performance. The V1000 system stripes over RAID-1 sets for RAID-10 respectively, and integrates virtualization software to eliminate any single point of failure. The V1000 takes this a step further by solidifying the system with its unique fault detection, isolation and recovery advantage, featuring predictive failure and auto-rebuild disk management. Atrato’s V1000 storage system is now available.

About Atrato

Based in Westminster, Colorado, Atrato Inc. is revolutionizing the data access and storage markets by challenging the traditional thinking on how to rapidly access stored data. Atrato’s system provides unparalleled performance, linear scalability, and significantly reduced operational costs in a self-maintaining architecture for the Entertainment, Web 2.0, IPTV, and VOD markets.

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